Hot wax and strip wax are two different types of wax used in hair removal treatments. Here's an explanation of the key differences between the two:

Hot Wax: Hot wax is also known as hard wax or peelable wax. It has a thicker consistency and is usually applied in a molten form. It contains resins, beeswax, and other ingredients that give it a pliable and sticky texture when heated.

Strip Wax: Strip wax is also referred to as soft wax or warm wax. It is a thinner wax that is spread on the skin using a disposable strip. It typically contains resins, oils, and other ingredients that make it more flexible and suitable for larger areas.


Hot Wax: Hot wax is applied to the skin in a thick layer using a spatula or applicator stick. As it cools down, it hardens and adheres to the hair. Once it's completely hardened, it is removed by gripping the edge of the wax and pulling it off in one swift motion, without the need for a strip.

Strip Wax: Strip wax is heated to a lower temperature compared to hot wax. It is applied in a thin layer on the skin using a spatula or roller. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed onto the wax and smoothed down in the direction of hair growth. The strip is quickly pulled off in the opposite direction, removing the wax and hair.

Hair Removal Effectiveness:

Hot Wax: Hot wax is well-suited for removing coarse and short hair, making it ideal for sensitive areas such as the bikini line, underarms, and face. It adheres firmly to the hair, allowing for effective removal without causing as much discomfort or irritation to the skin.

Strip Wax: Strip wax is more commonly used for larger areas such as the legs, arms, and back. It effectively removes finer and longer hair. The wax grips the hair and sticks to the strip, allowing for efficient removal. However, it may be less effective in removing very short or stubborn hairs.

Sensitivity and Pain Level:
Hot Wax: Hot wax is often considered less painful than strip wax because it adheres to the hair more than the skin. When it's pulled off, it removes the hair from the root while minimizing the risk of pulling or irritating the skin.

Strip Wax: Strip wax can sometimes be perceived as more painful because it adheres to both the hair and the skin. When the strip is pulled off, it can cause a brief, stinging sensation. However, the pain level can vary depending on an individual's tolerance and sensitivity.

The choice between hot wax and strip wax depends on the area being treated, the hair type, and the client's preferences. Some beauty therapists may prefer using hot wax for sensitive areas and strip wax for larger areas, while others may use a combination of both techniques. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve effective hair removal while ensuring client comfort and satisfaction.

This flexible hard film wax is one of our bestsellers and it's easy to see why. It works on the majority of hair types whilst giving a perfect wax every time.

Applied in a thin layer, this wax molds to the body and grips on to hairs, leaving the skin smooth. These 1kg beads make wax pots easy to fill and melt down in no time.

Want a wax that is guaranteed to work on even the toughest of hairs? Then look no further. This soft, elastic wax is ideal for the toughest of skins, whilst being gentle on the skin. Guaranteed to get all the short under layers of hairs in one clean strip, making your waxing service quick and effective.

With a slight vanilla fragrance, it holds to the contours of the skin, and is particularly great for sensitive areas such as the face, underarms and bikini. Once you try this wax, you won’t want to change.

Not a fan of beads, then this brazilian block wax is perfect for you. It works well on dense and stubborn areas along with finer hairs. With no untreated pine resins, it is a low allergy risk wax perfect for the most sensitive skins.This high melting and low cooling wax makes for all around comfort for your customers.

Jax Wax Hot Wax is formulated specifically for Intimate waxing, incorporating Titanium Dioxide to calm redness and to reduce sensitivities. This non brittle, wonderfully pliable, and easy to use wax works well at high and low temperatures, and is one of our customers firm favourites. It comes in a variety of colours and fragrances each having their own added benefit to keep the skin hydrated and irritation free.

Jax Wax is formulated using hybrid wax technology resulting in a wax that spreads thinly and is very economical to use, a perfect all rounder.

The honey-like consistency provides unparalleled hair removal, leaving the skin soft and smooth.in a convenient 800g metal pot, this can be placed directly into the wax heater. Our Classica Wax is the number one wax of choice as it is great for all skin and hair types, leaving amazing results.

Want a strip wax that is gentler on the skin? Then look no further than this Zinc Titanium wax. It protects even the most sensitive of skins with Titanium Dioxide which acts as a natural buffer to the skin and eliminates the need for talcum powder.

The power of our strip waxes, in an easy, convenient roller. These easy to heat and use professional rollers speed up application and apply the perfect of wax each time, every time
Our best sellers are the Honey and Aloe cartridges and leave the skin soft and smooth with no sticky residue. Our other cartridges are great, all different with individual added benefits and fragrances.

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