Elysian Valentina Hybrid Brows Pro Tinting Kit & Online Training

Elysian Valentina Hybrid Brows Pro Tinting Kit & Online Training



As Hybrid Tints, Stains and Dyes take the industry by storm, we are pleased to introduce our Hybrid Brows Pro Kit and online training.

With hybrid brows being serious competition to Henna, and now the preferred choice in many salons across the globe,  Elysian Valentina Hybrid Brows is the must have treatment for every salon.


What you Will Learn:

  • What are Hybrid Brows
  • About our Brushes and Tools
  • How to Prep the Brows
  • Skin and Hair types
  • Colour Selection & Development Times
  • How to achieve clean lines
  • How to apply the products
  • Layering & Stamping
  • How to Achieve the Ombre Effect
  • Product Removal
  • Aftercare

PLUS BONUS 3 Months Access to our Online Brow Mapping Training


(This is where we differ from most online training providers)

​Once you have completed the modules and familiarised yourself with the video tutorials you will be ready to commence your case studies and the feedback process with your online mentor.​

During this process, you will be working closely with your online mentor to ensure you perform the perfect treatment every time.​

We ask for a minimum of four case studies but it may be necessary to submit more if required by your mentor. students should not be disheartened if this is the case it just means you get that extra support for a little longer


2x EV Developer
1x EV Brown hybrid tint
1x EV Blue/Black hybrid tint
1x EV Black hybrid tint
1x EV Red hybrid tint
1x EV Grey hybrid tint
1x EV Light Brown hybrid tint
1x EV pre-inked mapping thread
1x EV White paste for outlining
1x EV Henna/Tint remover
1x EV tint sticks
1x EV Brow Elixir
1x EV Brow Pro tool kit
1x Ring cups
1x Foam application wands
1x Mini brushes
1x Mascara wands

Development Guide:

For a subtle colour outcome and minimal skin stain. 1-3 mins.

For a cooler colour outcome and medium skin stain. 3-6 mins.

For a deeper colour outcome and heavier skin stain. 6-9 mins.

For a darker colour outcome and intense skin stain. 9-12 mins.

NOTE: The above timings are for guideline purposes only and results may differ between clients.

Frequent checking is advised for different skin types and skin tones.

Application is recommended immediately after mixing for best results. Colour will continue to develop after removing.

  • To be used only with EV Cream developer 3%.
  • For professional use only.
  • Use only as directed.
  • Product may stain skin depending on skin type.
  • Patch testing advised.


Elysian Valentina Lash & Brow tint quick step guide.

1. Cleanse the client's lashes or brow area to make sure all makeup, oils, and dirt are removed.

2. Mix equal amounts of E.V tint and E.V developer (1:1 ratios) to a paste consistency.

3. Apply to the lashes/brows or mapped area in both directions to ensure full hair coverage.

4. Clean up the surrounding areas using a damp cotton pad or foam tip application wand.

5. Once the tint has reached the desired colour, remove using damp cotton pads.

6. Advise the client to keep the brows dry for a period of 24hrs.

7. Skin staining will vary with skin type, skin tone, and preparation by technicians

(Blue/black not recommended for brows)

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