Eyelashes Glue Remover - Gel Type 15g (GBL Free)

Eyelashes Glue Remover - Gel Type 15g (GBL Free)


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This gel remover only requires a minimal amount and dissolves the bond of the eyelash extension adhesives in incredible speed. It targets only the adhesive, without running into the client’s eyes and harming clients natural lashes and skin, leaving lashes and skin soft and conditioned. Can be placed on a jade stone, and use a cotton swab or applicators to dip it for a mess-free application.

Eyelashes Glue Remover – Gel Type 15g (GBL Free), Gamma-Butyrolactone Free, unlike many other lash glue removers sold in NZ, our gel eyelash glue remover contains no GBL so it’s perfectly legal and safe to use.

  • Fumes: Low
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Colour: Clear
  • Speed: Works in 5-15 mins.
  • Shelf Life: 2 months unopened. Use within 1-2 month upon opening
  • To be applied using a micro brush, with the eyes closed, then gently brushed along lash to remove enhancement.
  • Size: 10ml


For professional use only. Due to Health & Safety regulations, we are unable to supply glue gel remover for personal use.


Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Dimethylketone, Antibiotic Material,



  • Store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid skin and eye contact with all glue’s, pre treatment and removers.
  • If skin or eye contact occurs, wipe off with water or perform an eye bath, and contact a physician.
  • These products are not to be ingested, if ingestion occurs, contact a physician.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

**Eyelash Glue Gel Remover has a warranty of two months from date of purchase**

We cannot accept refunds of exchanges past this time due to the integrity of the product for resale.

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